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A world turned upside down

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  
Book introduction
Winner of the 2016 Cecil Gagnon Award. A world of new twists and turns portrayed by a teenage author who wrote her first novel at the age of 16. The author, who said he was saddened by the lack of works dealing with disabilities in youth literature, reverses the standards of normality and disability that we all expect in this novel.

“I wrote this novel in the hope that it will help our society better understand autism.” The author, who became very interested after meeting autistic people at a camp for the disabled at the age of 14, deals with the sensitive topic of autism in a unique way. This book presents a moving reflection on autism and our attitude toward autistic people from a new perspective.


green bracelet
wing syndrome
natural selection
laboratory rat
Adi and Izaya
feelings of love
Schrödinger's cat
happy ending
patient number 8
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