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Cikutang Green Edition (Sugar-free Green Tangerine & Lime Flavor Diet) (30 Days 30 Packs)

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Cicutin Green Edition

A little luxury for lightness

Diet restaurants for influencers!

#Delicious diet #Carbohydrate blocking #Classy_body fat management

* Easier intake with 1 packet per day!

* Refreshing with fresh green tangerine taste!

* Don't worry about calories with sugar-free formulation!

Point 1. Product ingredient information: Main ingredient 'Garcinia cambogia extract', supplementary ingredient 'Citrus concentrate powder, Philippine lemon fruit powder, citrus extract powder, erythritol mixed powder, enzyme-treated stevia (low-calorie sweetener replacing sugar), white kidney bean extract powder, vitamin B1 , B2, B6 Lemon balm leaf extract powder

Point 2. Main ingredient: What is Garcinia cambogia extract (HCA)? It can help reduce body fat by inhibiting the synthesis of carbohydrates into fat.

Point 3. Recipe: Siku Tang Green Edition that can be enjoyed in various versions How to enjoy it! : Cicutang Green Edition melts well in both hot and cold water!

Water 150ml + Cicutin Green Edition 1 Pack * You may use lime slices or mint herb leaves according to your preference.

Point 4. Intake method: 1 packet per day (7g)

Take before and after exercise!

Take before or after meals!

Take it whenever you feel like it!

Point 5. Calorie-free! 25 Kcal

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