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Shaking Pudding Hair Color Hair Coloring Agent (Truffle Mushroom Blonde)

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Truffle Mushroom Blonde

All-purpose item that goes well with both warm and cool tones

Tone-down color with subtle atmosphere

Pudding Point

1. Shaking & Easy : Shaking makes pudding

2. Trendy & Color : Trendy taste sniper color

3. Silky & Shiny : Soft hair even after dyeing

4. Fruits & Seed Oil : Abundant nutrition of fruit and seed oil

STEP 1. Mix the 1st and 2nd agents of the pudding hair dye in a 1:1 ratio.

STEP 2. Close the lid tightly and shake it from side to side to make a firm pudding1

STEP 3. Apply evenly starting from the tip of the hair and wait 20 to 30 minutes.

STEP 4. Rinse thoroughly and finish with the enclosed treatment after shampooing.

Pudding components: mixing container, hair treatment, ear cap, instruction manual, agent 1, agent 2, gloves, gown

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Arwa Almosabi

쉐이킹 푸딩 헤어컬러 염모제 (트러플 머쉬룸 블론드)