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Midnight Library

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  
At 12 p.m., a second chance of a lifetime is offered in the magical library, which opens only just before death.

* About the book
"If you had a chance to undo what you regret, would you make another choice?"
23:22. A perfect time to die.
The journey to find the most perfect life begins in the midnight library full of green books!
# 2020 Goodreads Best Fiction No.1
# 2020 Good Morning America Bookclip Selected Book
# 2020 BBC Beat Wonder Covers Book Club Selection Book
# 2020 Library Leeds Selection Book

The death of her mother, divorce, dismissal, and the death of her companion cat, Boltz... Unable to bear life any longer, Nora, the protagonist, decides to commit suicide. I woke up to a midnight library full of green books.

With the guidance of a kind and friendly librarian, she finds out that all the books on the shelf contain the lives that Nora might have lived, and Nora opens to live a life where she made a different choice at the moment she regretted the most. A glaciologist, a musician, a local pub owner, a swimmer, an ordinary but boring person, a life with children, and so on, you go through tens of thousands of new lives until you find your most 'perfect life'. However, Nora keeps returning to the 'Midnight Library' and questions what a perfect life is.

Writer Matt Haig, who suffered from severe depression in his twenties and experienced a formal collapse, constantly ponders the 'reason to live', and seeks his own answer in his new novel, Midnight Library.

"The pain of living with myself, which is a terrible disaster, is far greater than the pain that other people will suffer if I die. In fact, if I die, everyone will be relieved. I am a useless person." (p. 94)

Nora's cry, who considers herself as trivial as she can only think of death, is a result well known to those who have experienced regret and misfortune, asking, 'What if I had made a different choice then?' Starting from the idea of ​​a library storing an infinite number of books, the author tried to describe the experience of depression as "writing down the list of regrets in her subconscious and opening and reading countless books about her life."

Will Nora be able to find a life of complete satisfaction in these endless possibilities of life? After letting Nora experience the countless lives in the multiverse created as a result of trivial choices, Jak Gak asks us a question instead. When you look back on your regrets, you wonder if that life was the life you longed for. Do you have any regrets in that life too?

# No. 1 on Amazon UK bestseller list, Bestseller on Amazon and the New York Times for 20 weeks in a row, and Bestseller on the Sunday Times for 28 weeks in a row (based on the publication date). Readers from all over the world share laughter, tears, and emotion. In addition, the production of the movie , loved by Korean audiences, has completed the copyright contract, raising expectations for how this novel, which is warm and uplifting by Matt Hague, will be made into a film.

Accepting the imperfections of life and following Nora's journey to find the value and happiness of life, in the end, we have no choice but to love the life we ​​have now. It is regrettable, but at the time, our life is made up of layers of the choices we made at the time, and the author offers comfort to us who are living our own lives by borrowing the words of Mrs. Elm, who showed a little kindness to young Nora. . "It'll be fine, Nora. It'll be fine."

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