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mask strap 4p

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

POINT 1. Comfortable fit

The comfortable length and light weight make it comfortable to wear.

Four two-tone colors: Match every day with four colors.

POINT 2. Convenient connection clip

Mask connection is convenient by applying clips.

Anti-tangle swivel: It is convenient to connect the mask by applying a clip. Low tangling with 360-degree rotating loops.

POINT 3. Prevent confusion/loss/contamination

Prevent confusion/loss/contamination with a mask band.

Zipper bag for storing masks: A zipper bag is good for carrying an extra pack of masks.

POINT 4. Satisfying the standards for home textile products

Mask strings, rings, metal tips and packaging materials meet the standards for household textile products.