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we are leaving this planet

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

3rd Teen Story King Award Winner

Book introduction
It is the winner of the 3rd Teen Story King, a literary award chosen by 100 middle and high school students across the country. This is a novel about the one-day adventure of Wonho and Narae who set out to find a home for a lost alien baby. What started out as a simple good intention turned into a secret mission to help the alien race called 'Rainbow' migrate, while Wonho, who was called a 'real idiot with a healthy shell' because his dreams were too big compared to his skills, and the aliens for being too slow and slow. Narae, who was treated poorly, experiences an adventure that shakes her daily life.

The process in which children who suddenly become guardians come to face themselves deeply through the harmless gaze of an alien baby who loves the Earth so much, and support their friends on the journey, is unfolded through solid, detailed descriptions and humorous sentences. .

Additionally, the image of people accepting people from other planets replaces the way we look at unfamiliar neighbors and strangers, making us reflect on how we live as members of the Earth. This is a work by Jeong-won Choi, who won the 3rd Changbi


Part 1 Probability of meeting a rainbow while walking down the street
1. 000 lives in our neighborhood
2. Bobo
3. Uneasy premonition

Part 2 A race running away for happiness
4. Future Apartment
5. The secret of rainbows
6. About promises

Part 3 Clearly, there is someone waiting for us like this
7. Too slow or too fast
8. Dead end
9. 9:07
10. Home

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