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Home Mat Fumigator (Electronic Mosquito Incense) Refill 180p

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

"Safe all night all summer!"

Effect lasts 15 hours from early evening to morning!

*Last 15 hours: The insecticidal effect lasts from early evening to morning, so you can sleep all night without worrying about mosquitoes.

* Simple on/off switch notification light: Press the power switch on the front of the fumigator and it works together with the notification light.

* Maintaining constant temperature heating: Use a special electronic heating element to maintain constant temperature at all times.

* Neat 1.4m cord roller type: With a long cord, the fumigator can be installed anywhere you want, and a cord winding function is added to keep it neatly stored.