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H Beauty Ultra Thin / Acne Spot Patch Slim Wound Protection

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Wound care solution that does not show anytime, anywhere (33 dot-type wet dressings)

Medifoam for face trouble and wound care

0.1mm slim thickness as thin as paper!

care for the outside

Great when outside!

Fits on trouble scars when applying makeup!


1. Troubled wounds that exude ooze after just squeezing

2. Wound after mole removal

3. Wounds after dermatological procedures

4. Minor scars from everyday life

easy usage

STEP 1. Clean the wound area and dry it completely.

STEP 2. With clean hands, use the midline incision to remove

STEP 3. Attach to the wound and gently press for 3 seconds

STEP 4. When ooze is absorbed, the product swells in white

STEP 5. Paste it for 2-3 days to retain the ooze and it's done

*The attachment period may vary depending on the amount of exudate.

STEP 6. Press one end and gently separate the other end

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