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Disney sofa wireless charger Mickey Edition

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Disney Sofa Wireless Charger Mickey Edition

Disney Official Licensed Partner Disney Licensed Partner

- NEMAME has signed an official license with The Walt Disney Company Korea (L).

- Be sure to check the copyright of the product and package.

Completed SGS certification Passed hazardous material verification reliability test

* Officially certified through inspections by SGS certification bodies and Bureau Veritas that comply with international standard procedures (ISO).

* Charging Tips

: Place the device in the center of the charging pad for smoother wireless charging.

: When charging the device vertically, align the pad to the center of the device.

: You can charge by changing the position of the charging pad *Z Flip

: Wireless charging is not smooth when the device is placed horizontally.

product package

: Consists of main body, charging cable, and simple user manual. *Adapter is sold separately.


- Not compatible with camera protection tempered glass.

- It may not be compatible with third-party protective films and tempered glass.

- Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there may be fine 'dots' or 'gap' on the TPU platoon.

- Due to the material characteristics of the TPU part, migration may occur depending on the usage environment.

- It is an accessory that supports design, convenience, and protection, and it is difficult to compensate for damage to the device that may occur during use, such as impact (drop).

- The design of this product is subject to change without prior notice for upgrades.

A/S and customer center guidance

- The A/S warranty period is 6 months from the purchase date (excluding some products), and A/S due to customer negligence is charged. (Please check the warranty period on the detailed page. It is different for each product.)

- The warranty period is calculated based on the receipt or purchase statement.

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Joey Jean Pasoquin

Best customer service ever!🥰