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Constellation Pisces

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Instant Tattoo Constellation Edition

From January to December, the constellations and birthstones that symbolize the month of birth, the alchemy symbols of their origins and Latin lettering.
Give yourself, your family, friends and loved ones warmth with Instant Tattoo™ Constellation Edition.

A fall tattoo styling item that goes well with any outfit with an accessory style tattoo design.

1. Alchemy symbol: symbolizes two fish swimming in
different directions.

2. Birthstone: Self-made February, symbol of sincerity and peace / Aquamarine March, symbol of youth and happiness

3. Constellation: The twelfth constellation of the zodiac. It is very subtle and hard to find, but it has some of the most beautiful spiral galaxies.

4. Latin: The Latin word for Pisces is Pisces, and it is usually read as 'Pices'.

A product that suits you, who always crave freedom and art, and who pursues peace and happiness in the trivialities of everyday life. A constellation tattoo composed of the alchemy symbol symbolizing Pisces, birthstone, constellation, and Latin lettering.

[Hint tips for using instant tattoos]
# Instant tattoos adhere more naturally after about 5 minutes after application.
# If you apply mist, lotion, powder, etc., you can immediately create a realistic look.
# Frequent friction, moisture exposure, and wrinkled areas have poor durability.
# It has high water resistance, but if it is continuously exposed to water for more than 3 hours, the holding power may decrease.
[Removal method]
A. Soak in warm water or use a cleansing product to gently rub to remove.
B. You can remove the tattoo using cellophane tape. *Please be aware of irritation for sensitive skin types.

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