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MEmart FAQ

1) What kind of place is MEmart?
Shop all things Korean in the Middle East! MEmart welcome to.
It is an endless online commerce where you can purchase a variety of Korean products anytime, anywhere.
The cheapest shipping cost from Korea to the Middle East!
You can request the product you want!
No burden of filling out the delivery application form!
Customs duty paid by MEmart!
With MEmart, we will develop to make life in the Middle East more prosperous.
2) Is it combined with the goods sent to ShipME?
MEmart is a separate site operated separately from ShipME. impossible do.
3) What is the difference between ShipME and MEmart?
ShipME is a 'delivery service' that delivers your goods to customers in the Middle East, and MEmart offers a variety of Korean products. A shopping mall where you can shop directly no see.
In the case of MEmart, after ordering Within 3 to 10 days excluding the preparation period (1 to 2 days) It will be delivered to your home.
Than ShipME via MEmart lower shipping cost You can enjoy the products you want at any time available upon request do.
Also, for the product you ordered, Customs duties and VAT are borne by MEmart do. (Parts other than customs duty are inevitably local borne by the recipient You must.)

We hope that you receive the goods arriving from Korea with a happy and light heart.
4) Is same-day delivery possible?
Mimart does not have a delivery deadline. 3-10 days excluding the preparation period (1-2 days) It will be delivered to your home.
5) How to use MEmart

One) Sign up for membership.
2) the product you want Please add to cart . If you do not find the product you are looking for, Request a product Please use '.
3) Go to the shopping cart, check the selected products, quantity and total, and click “ Proceed to payment Please press the ” button.
4) Please enter the recipient's (recipient) information in "Shipping Address" carefully. Recipient's phone number that can be reached locally, excluding roaming phones, and exact address must be written.
* We are not responsible for items returned due to incorrect information .
5) After confirming your contact information and delivery destination, continue to pay Please press the ” button.
6) After selecting your preferred payment method, order completed Please press the ” button.
7) If you do not receive a purchase confirmation email or have any questions until delivery You can contact us. phone inquiry is available on +82 2 6953 2921.

6) Payment method

Currently, at MEmart, according to your convenience, Dollar, Korean Won, Local Currency (SAR, AED) You can pay with
[Payment in US Dollars]
overseas card
- This is a payment method using a card commonly used, such as Visa, AMEX, and Master.
- You can pay with your PayPal account. Only PayPal accounts registered with overseas addresses can pay.
[Payment in KRW]
Deposit without bankbook
- Payment can be made in Korean Won through bank transfer. It is impossible to issue a cash receipt because it is a zero-tax rate that does not charge customers for overseas delivery.

domestic card
- Payment is in US dollars, but billing is in Korean won.
[Payment in local currency]
local issued card
- Payment is in US dollars, but billing is in local currency.
3 months interest-free installment (to be supported from KSA & UAE)
- Payment can only be made with a local card, and you must have an Ikama or residence card.

8) Exchange and Refund
It is possible to request for 15 days to make a defect. For more information, please Exchange and Refund Policy at the bottom of the homepage (Return Policy).
9) What is “Request Product”?
If you can't find the product you're looking for in MEmart, please request it. ( Request a product ). We offer products that can be purchased from other online shopping malls such as Coupang, 11st, and Naver Store at low prices on MEmart. For sensitive products that only customers want to see, a 'link' will be sent separately. If you wish, please request it at the bottom of the application form.
The preparation period of the requested product takes 3-5 business days.