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20 Aesop's Fables

  중동에서 4~9일이면 받으실 수 있어요!  

Read the stories of delightful animals in a fun way, and naturally realize wisdom.

The children's favorite animals will appear, so their concentration and interest will grow!

The magic wand Aesop's fables use short sentences and easy words to suit children's eye level.

It is easier for children to see and understand.

1) The Ant and the Guts
2) The Wisdom of the Baby Sheep
3) Putting a Bell on the Neck of the Cat and the Silly Dog
4) A bat gone solitary
5) A raven
6) A donkey in lion skin
7) Lion and Boar Crow and Bottle of Water
8) Bull and Frog Singing Donkey
9) Fox Visiting Lion
10 ) Deer and grapevine
11) Find the mole's son-in-law
12) Fox tricked donkey / Horse and donkey
13) The Mosquito Defeated the Lion / The Wolf and the Shadow
14) The Greedy Lion / The Salt Bale and the Donkey
15) Country Rat and City Rat
16) Fox and Crane / Two Goats
17) The Lion and the Blessed Mouse
18) Fox and Crow / Fir and Thorn
19) Ant and Dove / Farmer and Eagle
20) Ugly Fox / Deer Horn